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20140310 Safety Information
U.S. demand ( according to past experience in Canada NRCan, GEMS will also be

gradually introduced into Australia a few years later )

U.S. Department of Energy (Department of Energy, referred DoE) announced the latest

     external power supply (External Power Supplies, referred DoE) energy requirements.

All External Power Supply in February 10, 2016 the United States imported into or  

     manufactured in the United States , need to comply with the mandatory requirements

     of energy conservation .

Requires the latest announcement with the current version of the magnitude of change

     is large, the main differences are explained below :

To expand the control product categories, multiple -output external power supplies

         are also included in the energy requirements specification object.

To expand the control category , the output is greater than 250W external power supply

         is also included in the energy requirements specification object.

Compared to the EU ErP CoC Dynamic Energy Saver mode (Active Mode) will be 10%

         load test requirements included in , DoE still maintain their previous 25%, 50%, 75%

         and 100% as the average dynamic energy requirements.

The external power supply into direct operational power (Direct Operation EPS) and

         indirect operational power (Indirect operation external power supply) with a charging

         cradle for easy segmentation external power supply.
See the following figure Figure

         3.6 and Figure 3.7 illustrate .

The new requirements are primarily for direct operation mode power supply (Direct

         Operation EPS)
announcement of new requirements specification, detailed below

         Table 3.

Energy efficiency requirements published in 2014 DoE standards can be obtained

     from the
following Web site complete requirements.