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20140127 Safety Information
EU external power efficiency fifth edition of Conduct CoC

All along the external power supply for countries to focus on the energy efficiency of

products, and have developed a corresponding energy efficiency

, while countries in energy efficiency rulemaking workers who are constantly

updated sound has developed energy efficiency regulations to maximize energy

. October 29, 2013, the European Commission published the fifth edition external

efficiency of Conduct.

The announcement of the new version (version 5) is replaced by the fourth edition of

norms and norms enacted in 2009 compared to more stringent energy efficiency

, embodied an increase of 10% of rated load test conditions at the same

the average efficiency of the operating mode upward adjustment of the minimum

efficiency requirements. New codes require at least 90% of the product should comply

with Table
1, Table 2 and Table 3 limits and no-load power consumption mode energy


Effective Date;
        Phase I: January 1, 2014
        Phase II: January 1, 2016

The EU Code of Conduct energy efficiency by several European manufacturers

with the EU trade association, the European consumer electronics products

Manufacturers Association
(EACEM) Certain voluntary agreements negotiated after the

composition of
business-to-consumer electronic products, an energy-saving commitment .

energy efficiency of Conduct as an industry voluntary agreements and commitments,

has a very
important role in the European IT communication energy efficiency. It is often the

European Union
launched the first mandatory energy efficiency regulations soldiers, once

the EU
ErP determine the scope of its products to be included, or is likely to draw a direct

reference to
the CoC energy efficiency indicators and methods worthy of ICT companies

. The EU is implementing regulations to be a typical example of the shutdown.