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What is POE?
What is POE?

POE is also known as the power supply system based on local area network (PoL, Powerover LAN) or Active Ethernet (Active Ethernet).This is the use of the existing standard network cable to transmit data and electrical power while the latest standards,and maintaining compatibility with existing Ethernet system and user.In the POS system,The supply of electricity called "powered equipment" (PSE , Power Sourcing Equipment),the use of power known as "powered device" (PD , Power Device).PSE is responsible for the power injected into the Ethernet line,and the implementation of the power of planning and management.And there are various forms of PD,such as IP phones、AP Wi-Fi base station、PDA or mobile phone chargers ... etc,virtually any power does not exceed 13w devices can get power from the corresponding RJ45 socket on.In order to standardize and promote the development of POE applications,IEEE 802.3 af is also divided and at, the difference lies in the following:

POE standard main power supply parameters of power supply system
Standard 802.3af(PoE) 802.3at(PoE plus)
Classification 0~3 0~4
Max. Current 350mA 600mA
PSE Output Voltage 44~57V DC 50~57V DC
PSE Output Power <=15.4W 30W~36W
PD Input Voltage 36~57V DC 2.5~57V DC
PD Max. Power 12.95W 25.5W
Cable Requirements Unstructured CAT-5e or better
Power Cables Pair 2 2

POE and non-POE standard difference:

Central Africa is the subject of non-standard POE POE power supply means,this is relative to the standard POE power supply. Standard internal POE POE power supply control chip,it has a detection function before charging the,when the devices are connected,POE power supply will send a signal to the network,detecting whether the terminal IP network that supports POE powered devices,if the support POE power supply will give him power,if you do not support POE power supply will not give him power,that's right IP terminal has a protective effect.POE power supply rather than the standard internal control chip that does not have this POE,it is directly through the cable line in the air line 45,78 to transfer power,it did not detect this step,regardless of whether the terminal supports POE IP he will give him power,if the IP is not POE power supply terminal,it is likely to burn network.


Standard POE power can not be the subject of a non-IP terminal power supply,Non-standard POE power supply capable of supplying power to the standard POE terminal.

How to distinguish between Standard POE and Non-Standard POE?

Take the meter measuring the PSE power supply pin(1,2、3,6 or 4,5、7,8)if there is 48V or other voltage output of non-target steady(Not detected,48V or other voltage values directly supply);If no voltage is measured(2-10V beating,in the end of the PD is detected)compared with standard POE(Meter is not a valid PID,it will not supply without voltage.

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