Acceptance Mark
Adapter ISI Certification Introduction
ISI mark in India and its neighbors is a symbol of quality products. And a considerable part of Indian Standards and the International Organization for Standardization ISO standards, the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC standards consistent, so dubbed IS / ISO, IS / IEC dual flag.

BIS: Bureau of Indian Standards

Bureau of Standards (BIS) India Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Department is the competent authority under the Indian standards and certification matters.

Those who belong to the Bureau of Indian Standards import 109 kinds of products within the scope of compulsory product certification of imported foreign manufacturer or importer in India must first apply to the Bureau of Indian Standards certification of imported products, in accordance with the certificate of the customs clearance of imported goods, such as electric appliances, insulation and fire electrical materials, electricity meters, multi-purpose batteries, X-ray equipment, etc ....

Rating AC 220V-250V, 50 Hz
Plug shape
Voluntary / mandatory Voluntary
Local Agents
Factory inspection
Detecting the number of samples
Required to provide a sample
The certificate is valid 1 year

In accordance with each of the different product categories, the number of samples will be adjusted.

The new certification requirements in India

India's new certification requirements, a total of 15 categories of electronic products must be mandatory safety certification (IS) and the registration system in the Bureau of Indian Standards BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), and the requirements of the product itself or the packaging labeled "self-declaration on the box - in line with IS xxxxxx (Self Declaration - Conforming to IS xxxxxx) ", only to sell their products to the Indian market.

Mandatory implementation date: July 3, 2013

1. Testing must be performed in an accredited laboratory BIS.
2. Importers must provide the local register of BIS.
3. A factory, a certificate, if the same product from different plants, shall be provided by each plant sample test, were registered.
4. Self-test report within 90 days of the date of issue must be registered in the BIS, beyond the 90 days, the test report will be invalid.
5. CB report and CB test certificate only as a reference document.
6. Certificate valid for two years, and the products are to be re-tested every two years.
7. Manufacturers must sign a document compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the self-declared.

The main product categories for the following 15 control electronics and IT products class mandatory:(Refer to BIS document/REGD. No. D.L-33004/99)
1. Electronic Games(Video) 
2. Laptop/Notebook/Tablets
3. Plasma/LCD/LED Televisions of screen size 32” and above
4. Optical Disc Players with built in amplifiers of input power 200W and above
5. Microwave Ovens
6. Visual Display Units, Video Monitors of screen size 32” and above
7. Printers, Plotters
8. Scanners
9. Wireless Keyboards
10. Telephone answering Machines
11. Amplifiers with input power 2000W and above
12. Electronic musical systems with input power 200W and above
13. Electronic clock with Mains Powers
14. Set Top Box
15. Automatic Data Processing Machine