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Differences in linear adapter / switching power adapter
When we get a wall plug power supply (Direct Plug-in Power Supply) , if it is heavy and bulky ,

it should be part of linear type power supply / linear adapter; If it is very light and small,

then it should be part of switching type power supply / switching adapter, and the reason

is used inside the main transformer (transformer).

In fact, the same principle of both linear type and switching type transformer , the biggest

difference is that core transformer (transformer) used (core).
transformer core linear type

usually used by several silicon steel sheet components, mainly operating frequency at

50 ~ 60 Hz, the output voltage will be affected due to the input voltage varies , so called

linear type; switching type used transformer
usually consists of two ferrite cores , whose

operating frequency up to 300 MHz, due to the switching type transformers will be in front

of the primary coil , with high-speed transistor switching (ON / OFF) actions to obtain high

frequency , so
called a switching type.

Applicable standards , regardless of species, only points output , Class 2 Power Supply

applicable standard is CSA C22.2 No. 223 and UL 1310, Power Supply other than Class 2

standard is applicable CSA C22.2 No.107.1 and UL 1012,
of course, you can apply to CSA

/ UL 60950-1 and CSA / UL 60065, but in line with CSA / UL 60950-1 for use in the Power

Supply is limited information products (Information Technology Equipment, ITE), in line with

CSA / UL 60065 use Only
in the audio-visual products (Audio and Video Equipment).