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Update finished in substance to ECHA guidance

Update finished in substance to ECHA guidance


Follow the European Court of Justice on September 10, 2015 released C-106/14 judgment, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) updates the requirements for the finished material guidelines. The update temporarily remove a controversial court ruling paradigm.

EU court ruling explained, because the REACH provisions, if the finished product SVHC concentration exceeds 0.1%, there will be informed of relevant information notice or liability. According to this provision covered the objects shape, surface or design features larger than its chemical composition, are to be regarded as a finished product, and therefore, the composition of complex finished parts are to be treated as a separate finished, it should assume the relevant responsibilities .

Original guidelines have ruled many examples conflict with the European Court of Justice, in order to avoid conflicts when checking Member States to implement REACH, ECHA therefore temporarily remove the conflict paradigm guidelines to facilitate the implementation by Member States, also shows that the EU Court of Justice ruling and transition indifferent or gray area.

The updated third edition of the guidelines only to meet the interim version of the European Court's decision can be expected that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will continue to collect information, after full discussion, the new guidelines will provide more examples , last updated in 2016, has put forward the guidelines.