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SIQ logo presentation

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Nature: Voluntary
Requirements of the standard: Safety
Voltage: 230Vac
Frequency: 50Hz
CB Scheme Member: Yes

Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ) is an international organization 40 years ago. It is a member of IQnet, CB system and the CCA agreements, have their own laboratories, is a collection of system certification, product testing, certification and measurement in one of the international certification body, headquartered in Slovenia, in the CB system, it has the Member Body, NCB and CBTL Trinity functions in Europe, which is nearly ten instruction authority (Notified Body), the product passed the test, the test report can be issued, the certificate or mark has CB, CE, FCC, GS, E-mark and so on. At the same time, providing a common EU KEYMARK (used in household appliances and similar products), ENEC mark (for lighting appliances, IT and audio and video and transformers, etc.) and SIQ EMC mark.

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