Acceptance Mark
Adapter IRAM Certification Introduction
Certification Body Conformity Assessment Body, CAB

(the logo shown on the left indicates which CAB issued the certificate )
Property Mandatory
Type Safety Approval
Factory Inspection Yes
Not necessary if CIG 023 factory report provided
Controlled Product Low voltage appliances ( AC≦1000V or DC≦1500V). All products other than Class III products
Basic Application Documents
  1. Authorization Letter
  2. CB or UL report
  3. Product label
  4. Spanish User’s Manual
  5. Circuit & Layout
  6. CIG 023 factory report
  7. Power Plug Certificate: in accordance with Argentina IRAM 2063/2073 Standard
Local test No
Local Representative No
Certificate Validity Permanent
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Plug Argentina specifications,Standard: IRAM 2073 (Class I), IRAM 2063 (Class II)

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