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Safety Certification Mark: Power Supply Adapter

Safety Certification Mark:Power Supply Adapter

What is safety

Safety certification specificationsWe often referred to as safety certification, simply referred to as "safety." Numerous safety certification standards, and the standards are not the same in each country, even each criteria include safety-related regulations are not the same.Common safety certification standards are American UL, Canadian CSA, European TUV, CB VDE, the European Common Market and the United States and Australia and other regions, China's CCC and so on. Safety testing.The main use is in the unusual situation down to the use of this product, test it will not cause harm to humans .(For example: leakage or explosion, etc.).

This post will be the power supply, for example, a schematic presentation of all relevant safety certification mark.Because the power supply to generate heat during use, poorly designed P / S will not only harm the system, may also cause more serious harm to human body. So by the more certification standard power supply, relatively speaking, of course, the more in security protection.

Our company(Power JS Technology Co., Ltd.)Switching power supply from 3w ~ 180w, medical power supply from 3w ~ 70w, safety certification is complete, if any power-related needs or questions, please contact contact us.

American States

United States (UL / ETL) Certification, Canada (CSA) certification, Mexico (ACNE) certification, Brazil (UCIIE) certification, Argentina (IRAM) certification.

European countries

European CE-Marking LVD directives in line with declaration (Europe almost universal).

Nordic Nordic SEMKO Certification (NEMKO Norway, FIMKO Finland, SEMKO Sweden, DEMKO Denmark).

Germany GS certification, Ergonomics, MPRII ergonomic standard, TUV certified, VDE certification.

United Kingdom (BSI, BEAN) certification, Austria (OVE) certification, Netherlands (KEMA) Certification, Poland (PCBC) certification, Poland (PCBC) certification, Russia (GOST) Certification.

Asian country

Bureau of Standards, Type Test Taiwan BSMI.

South Korea KTL, KETI certification.

Japan JET, JQA XTC saving emulated T-Mark certification, S-Mark Compliant Log.

CCC certification in China.

Hong Kong EMSD Electrical Products Safety Regulations Compliant Log.

Singapore PSB Consumer Protection Law Safety-Mark Compliant Log.

Australian National

New Zealand, Australia SAI regional standard, AS / NZS 2548 (CISPR 22) C-Tick Marking meet the test report.

African countries

South Africa SABS certification

Certified organizations

UL: US national security standards, American Laboratories Inc.

TUV: German safety certification organization, product safety and quality management systems and verification.

GS: German Labour safety standards, can be entrusted to other safety testing and certification organization, such as TUV.

CB: A global certification system, in accordance with the International Electrotechnical regulations IEC 60950.


States concerned required safety certification,usually depending on the shipping needs of countries must be,usually there is no mandatory requirement which must be tested several to POWER SUPPLY AND AC ADAPTER, for example,usually must apply for CE, UL, TUV, GS, CB, other countries of the project depends on demand. Battery Pack often proposed project is CE, UL, TUV, this is already the world's three authentication almost universal.