Acceptance Mark
20130729 Safety Information
Information technology equipment, audio and video equipment China CCC Mark certification according

to the standard
GB13837-2012 "Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment -

disturbance characteristics - Limits and methods of measurement" and GB17625.1-2012 "harmonic

limits for electromagnetic compatibility emission limits (equipment input current ≤ 16A) "was

December 31, 2012
released on July 1, 2013 implementation of the alternative GB13837-2003 and

GB17625.1-2003. CCC certification mark now perform the relevant requirements of the new standard

clarified as follows:

1. One of which GB17625.1 and GB13837 standard version involves two types of products:

    001018>>Information technology equipment and accessories.

Audio and video equipment and accessories.

2. Since July 1, 2013 onwards, the new standard should be used for certification and

     issue a
new standard certification.

3. Version of the standard has been certified for the product, version of the standard certificate

shall be the date of this announcement, before the completion of the next follow-up

, submit a conversion application of the new standard certification for new and

version of the standard deviations of the pilot project testing, completed the new version

    of the
standard product validation, issue a new certification. Older standard certificate conversion

at the latest 1 July 2014 to complete overdue complete the certificate of conversion work,

version of the standard certification; October 1, 2014 has not yet completed the

of conversion work to revoke legacy standard certification.