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Switching Power Supplies(Adapters) Ferrie Core Use
Switching Power Supplies(Adapters) Ferrie Core Use

Used in switching power supplies(Adapters), high-frequency choke, the power converter output choke, EMI noise filters, pulse transformers, DC input and output filter, dimmer choke, power factor correction inductors, flyback continuous mode inductance the production.

Ferrie core is a magnetic iron oxide in the popular view, mainly used in electrical circuits to solve the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. Practical applications, according to different requirements of different bands on the filter will add a variety of other substances (usually corporate secrets).

Electromagnetic compatibility is clutter electrical circuit due to various causes, not only for the normal operation of these clutter of electrical circuits have prejudice, and its radiation on the human body has certain disadvantages. So that countries (especially the EU) on which there are provisions that electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
The main wire above the clutter to solve their problems through magnetic electromagnetic compatibility. When a certain band noise by magnetic, electromagnetic characteristics of the magnetic band led to this current is converted into heat and some magnetic force so as to be consumed. To achieve the purpose of reducing the clutter.

Magnetic material is currently more iron core (inexpensive, widely used), as well as advanced rare earth materials.

Ferrie core is generally applicable to a temperature range of -65 ℃ ~ 125 ℃, when the core at a high temperature environment, make the inductor quality factor (Q) permanently reduced, due to its use in the manufacturing process an organic binder, such as epoxy resin; when the temperature exceeds 150 ℃, its internal material resin is deteriorated, so that the core loss increases, reduce the life of the iron core. This characteristic depends on the degree of deviation of the time, temperature, core size, frequency and flux density.

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