Acceptance Mark
20131230 Safety Information
Information products standard IEC/EN/UL60950-1, the provisions of 2.5 LPS test

described :

Information products, such as universal connector USB, RJ45 (PoE) are required

to meet
LPS. Also the power supply output for as LPS, the use of the power supply

end products
will have greater flexibility in the choice of shell material. Therefore,

the requirements of LPS are often asked to discuss how to meet the requirements,

the following is a simple explanation:

1. products in accordance with the output voltage and current, respectively, to meet the

    requirements of
Table 2B and there must not exceed 100VA limit, as vendors line design

    with reversible manner PTC OCP or OPP or restrictions Output A, VA, but the premise is a

in 5 seconds the action.

    IEC60950-1, 2nd Ed + A2:. 2013 version, for PTC way to limit the output A, VA modified

move to within 60 seconds for protection.

2. If the output is less than 250VA accordance with Table 2C is able to meet the

as LPS, mainly at the output must be coupled with over-current protection

(such as Fuse), so OCP, OPP, etc. can wait 60 seconds before action can be

. OCP may be designed to come later proposed action, so it is possible to

standard requirements and design.