Acceptance Mark
BSI Certified species
BSI Certified species
       1."Kite" certification mark or certification mark BS
       "Kite" logo are registered trademarks of BSI unique, domestic and foreign manufacturers can apply to use. Using this flag enterprises not only their products must meet the requirements of the relevant BS standards and must comply with BS-5790 has a quality assurance system (ISO9000 family of standards of quality assurance model is also available), the certification process, but also the system were evaluated.
  2.Safety certification mark
   The use of safety signs products must meet BS standard safety requirements or other safety regulations. Application and accreditation schemes and "Kite" much the same way mark, the same adaptation to domestic and foreign enterprises.
   There are currently more than 20 countries and regions about 130 categories of products using these two signs. They are Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Rhodesia, South Africa, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong.
  3.Quality assurance capabilities certification (factory assessment and registration)
   Such a system is in accordance with BS-5790 (or the ISO9000) for enterprise quality assurance system for evaluation, but does not require product must BS standards. As of 1991, BSI to assess approximately 12,000 registered businesses.
  4.BS9000 / CECC and IECQ certification
   This certification is designed for electronic components for quality assessment. BS9000 is suitable for domestic, CECC applicable to most countries in Western Europe, while the IECQ is applicable to international, which aims to improve the quality and reliability of electronic components, in order to ensure the quality of electronic devices.
  5.Inventory capacity assessment and registration
   This assessment system is a wholesaler of quality warehouse inventory and management methods were evaluated. Get this logo products, indicating that the manufacturing of their goods, storage, packaging, handling all reached a high level.
  In order to enhance the authority of the United Kingdom there are signs of certification bodies and product reliability, BSI for the following three measures;
  5-1.Laboratory Accreditation System (NATLAS)
   In 1981 the British government established the Ministry of Trade and Industry, "National Voluntary Laboratory Certification Program (NATLAS)." Headquartered in the National Institute of Physics (NPL), the representative of the Ministry of Trade and Industry to exercise the functions of laboratory accreditation.
    NATLAS features three committees, one of the most senior committee responsible for developing laboratory accreditation guidelines and policies. Files that have been developed have a "British NATLAS management approach" "British NATLAS Laboratory Accreditation Standards" and "British NATLAS assessors standards. Second level Committee has two, are responsible for testing and metrology. A total of ten third level committee was set up by product category. NATLAS plan based on small and medium sized laboratories as the main object, since such laboratories awareness is not high, need to be supported by the authority authorized to contract more inspection business. Approved a lab about a year and a half, the average fee is about 1000 pounds.
  5-2.Quality assurance auditor registration system
          This is supported by the UK Department of Trade and Industry, the implementation of the system by the Quality Assurance Institute (IQA) is responsible. System require all quality assurance assessors must carry out assessment and registration. Valuation of qualified assessors using a scoring system. General assessors should be at least 8 points (seniority at least 1 minute, practical experience of at least 5 points); assessment team leader should be at least 10 points (at least 2 points seniority, experience at least 8 points), and in the last three years, at least participated in the 5th assessment work, which should be connected to the appointment of one year.
  5-3.Institutional accreditation of certification bodies (NACCB)
   To make authentication work standardization, quality assurance certification bodies, and it has a legal status, the British established a system of accreditation of certification bodies (NACCB), the system provides that only with certain conditions and after registration accredited certification bodies are allowed to engage in certification.
   BSI Quality Certified program, use, and manage enterprise application procedures and certification mark shall comply with "BSI certification mark regulations."
    In addition to BSI Quality Certified Britain, there are British Lloyd LR quality certification, its reputation in the international arena is not less than the BSI certification, but limit the scope of certification of the shipbuilding industry and atomic power stations, chemical plants, sluices , bridge, container, steel products, hydraulic machines, test machines. Lloyd LR approach to quality certification and management procedures and BSI certification is basically the same, and has agencies in many countries, business applications more convenient.
BS certification in China
British BS certification is electrical and electronic products into the UK market access card, the following products for the domestic factory for BS certification more of:
    - Household appliances (white goods & black appliances)
    - Consumer electronics products
    - Controller Switch
    - IT equipment
    - Lamps
    British BS certificate may apply individually, but also very easy to do by CB certificate & report regularization application. It should be noted that the UK actually use voltage 240V, it is recommended to use a voltage product labels and instructions on the label 220-240V.