Acceptance Mark
Adapter Serbia Test Mark Presentation
Certification Body KVALITET
(Safety)                (EMC)
Property Mandatory
Type Safety + EMC Approval
Factory Inspection   No
Controlled Product All electrical products
Basic Application Documents
  1. Full CB certificate & test report
  2. EMC(CE) test report
  3. User manual in Serbian
Local Testing   No
Local Representative   No
Certificate Validity 3 years
Voltage 220Vac
Frequency 50Hz
Plug CEE7/7, 7/16


According to Serbia’s Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, all the electro technical appliances imported or merchandised in Republic of Serbia should comply with the following both regulations.
  1. Regulation on electronic equipment refers to IEC 2006/95/EC European Low Voltage Directive.
  2. Regulation of electromagnetic compatibility refers to IEC 2004/108/EC European electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Directive.
  All the certificates issued according to the above regulations are valid for 3 years.

Our Company's ac dc adapters meet Serbia standard, please contact us.