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Transformer skeleton / Bobbin

BOBBIN Profile

Skeleton, known as transformers skeleton, or transformer wire frame, the English referred to as the Bobbin, is part of the main structure of the transformer. Transformers are widely used in today's society, the corresponding body is also essential, so the skeleton has irreplaceable role.


The role of the bonnin in the transformer are the following
1 、Provide space for transformer winding copper wire
2、 Fixed transformer core
3 、Provided the backbone trunking over the line when the path winding transformer production
4 、Bonnin metal pin is transformer winding copper pillar; after the solder connecting the PCB in the transformer work played a role in    conducting
5、Bonnin bumps, pits or chamfer, may decide to place the pin direction or order of transformers

BOBBIN Categories

Bonnin generally based on core transformer is used (or core) model classification, there are EI, EE, EF, EPC, ER, RM, PQ, UU and other models, and each model and can be core (or cores ) size distinction, such as EE5, EE8, EE13, EE19 and other large and small models. According to the shape of the skeleton is divided into: vertical and horizontal; according to the operating frequency of the transformer is divided into high-frequency and low-frequency skeleton skeleton two, here are talking about frequency, does not mean that the frequency of use, but to the transformer at work when the number of cyclical changes in Hertz (Hz), referred to He, also commonly kilohertz (kHz) or megahertz (MHz) or GHz units do; by stitch using nature skeleton, is divided into traditional skeleton (DIP) and post-piece skeleton (SMD) two kinds.