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Linear Adapter / Switching Adapter Difference
Linear Adapter / Switching Adapter Difference

Working linear regulator power supply in the enlarged state, and therefore heat capacity, low efficiency, we need to add bulky heat sink, but also need to also bulky frequency transformer, when you want to make multiple sets of voltage output transformer will be more substantial .

Regulator switching power supply work and ended in a saturated state, and thus heat a small, high efficiency, and eliminating the need for bulky transformers. But the DC output of the switching power supply above will be superimposed large ripple at the output and connected Zener diode can be improved, additional work is because the switch will have a lot of spikes interference, but also need to link the beads in the circuit be improved. Relatively speaking, there is no more than a linear power supply defective, it can do little ripple.

For power efficiency and installation volume required for local switching power supply is better, for electromagnetic interference, and power requirements of the purity of a place (such as capacitor leakage detection) multi-use linear power.

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