Acceptance Mark
20130603 Safety Information
October 3, 2012, the new Japanese toy standard (ST 2012) released its self-January 1, 2013

into effect. New version of the ST 2012 coordinated using ISO 8124 Part 1, Part 2 of the mechanical

physicochemical properties, combustion tests. While the third part of the chemical properties of

maintaining the ST 2002 11th edition requirements, without making amendments.

Since ST 2002 11th edition is valid until March 31, 2014, therefore, during the transition period,

to comply with
the requirements of ST Mark either the use of ST 2002 (11th edition), we can use

ST 2012.
Since April 1, 2014 onwards, toys must meet the requirements of ST 2012 (except

ST 2002 pursuant to section 11 of the label information, to March 31, 2016).