Acceptance Mark
20130715 Safety Information
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in May 2013 released the IEC 60950-1:2005 (2.0 version)

2nd Addenda A2: 2013.
This addendum to the main contents are as follows:

Section 1.5.6: Table 1C increase Y1, Y2 and Y3 RMS voltage capacitor type test, the application of

the new rules in Table 1C, we must consider the RMS voltage;

Table 1C: Modify Table 1C application of rules to reflect the new increased capacitance type test RMS voltage;

Section When using VDR with GDT series bridging basic insulation when, VDR must comply

with Appendix Q, and GDT must comply with basic insulation withstand voltage test with the external

space crawling distance requirements, rather than the previous functional insulation relative

Table 2B: Comment d, if the positive temperature coefficient device protection, should be in the 60s after

oading measured after SC and S, rather than after 5s;

Section 2.6.2: a power line and the use of yellow-green conductor insulation provides functional ground

connection, grounding, etc. can be marked symbols, but these symbols can not be used in Class I products;

Section 2.9.2: Increase in tropical climates of different environmental conditions, the test length should be

120 hours, and the temperature (40 ± 2) ° C and relative humidity of (93 ± 3)% under;

Table 2L: increase in higher peak operating voltage of the external space requirements

(not previously specified);

Table 3E: increased relative rated current required minimum cross-sectional area, and possible alternatives;

Section 3.4.11: Multi-Power increase if device is not necessary to disconnect the device, cutting device on

the label must be placed close to the device input terminal near the main requirements;

4.3.8: Increase the non-acidic portable secondary batteries must meet the requirements of IEC 62133;

Appendix Q: VDR maximum continuous voltage must be at least the rated voltage (or the rated voltage range

upper limit) of 125%, instead of the previous 120%.
For overvoltage category IV 600V and the device is used to

connect the power system, you should use a combination of pulse 8kV/4kA instead 6kV/3kA or less.
Except in

accordance with V-1 grade materials, VDR body must comply with in accordance with IEC 60695-11-5 harsh

degrees in the specified needle flame test;

CC.1: a test procedure for each of the test conditions, IC limiting device must be limited under current 5A,

instead of the previous 8A below, the manufacturer should also consider the shift specifications;

CC.2: connected to the output circuit of the inductor DC resistance requirements should not exceed 1W,

instead of the previous 10W ± 2W;

CC.4: add a third alternative test procedures;

CC.5: increase the conformity determination section, depending on the selected test procedures for testing,

this device must be able to limit the current in accordance with the specification or the device must be