Acceptance Mark
switching power adapter meets CCC certification standards
Our company 's adapter meets CCC certification standards.

China Quality Certification Center ( abbreviation CQC) is a professional certification body

approved the establishment of national authorities .

CQC and its branches are located in China and abroad to carry out certification work

earlier certification authority , for decades has accumulated rich experience in

certification , various businesses are outstanding results .
Currently , CQC at home

and abroad a total of 45 branches and more than 200 contract testing laboratories ,

certification and signed cooperation agreements with 22 foreign certification bodies ,

with more than 7300 professional full-time , part-time auditors, inspectors

technical experts , and has a strong teaching force .
Comprehensive network of

services , to provide customers with timely, thoughtful , high-quality service .

CQC is the representative of China's accession to the International Electrotechnical

Commission IEC Conformity Testing and Certification Organization (IECEE) Multilateral

Recognition (CB) national certification body system (NCB), is to join the International

Certification Network (IQNet) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture

Movements (IFOAM)
national certification bodies, international mutual recognition

between business and foreign many well-known CQC certification bodies , as well as

extensive international exchanges , so that CQC has won a good international image.

Quality service, strong technical force , advanced management level to ensure the

smooth conduct of business CQC , CQC quality objectives for the successful realization

of this brand is well-known CQC certification bodies provide a strong guarantee.

CQC 's quality policy : fairness norms honest and efficient high-quality science and

innovation excellence.

CQC quality goal : to become one of the leading brands in the world certified in the field ,

continuing to provide customers with value-added authentication services.