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Australia DOFT modify English code safety certificate
Australia DOFT modify English code safety certificate

Australia each province have their respective issuing units can be issued a certificate of electrical safety products, and generally to the first letter of the name of the province provinces as its first code safety certificate number. Such as: Code of Queensland (Queensland) to as "Q", the New South Wales (New South Wales) with "N", while Victoria (Victoria) is using "V" as the representative.
In addition to the safety certificate number, general electrical products required to meet the Australian C-tick (EMI), also has its particular way of marking. In addition to C-tick logo, the need to add local agent number, and coincidentally, the agent code is to "N" at the beginning.

C-tick logo alone:

When the vendor application is issuing units in New South Wales "DOFT" The safety certificate, plus C-tick in the number marked on the product will need the following signs:

DOFT certificate number in order to make it easier to be marked to identify, has been implemented since February 24, 2005, modify the unit safety certificate issued by the English code. Before last DOFT safety certificate number, only the letters "N" on behalf of, now replaced by "NSW".

DOFT new numbering plus C-tick mark:


So DOFT safety certificate vendor after February 24 this year acquired its certificate numbers have been changed at the beginning of "NSW", and also raises DOFT line of text on the certificate: Each electrical article of the abovementioned type shall be marked with Approval Number NSWxxxxx, to remind vendors this change.

Manufacturers such as obtaining new numbered certificate, but still use the old label on the product number, do not worry there will be illegal. This one change just for the convenience of manufacturers, users and inspection personnel identification unit.

All previous February 24 this year, the old number DOFT certificate issued by certificate number before the letters maintain with "N", and follow either a certificate extension or modification will not be changed. So do not worry about all the applications vendors can always continue to use the original certificate number, no need to make any changes.

This change is limited to the New South Wales DOFT the safety certificate, safety certificate issued by the Queensland and Victoria's all change.