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What is Medical Power Supply (Medical Adapter)?
What is Medical Power Supply (Medical Adapter)?

Our products" Medical Power Supply (Medical Adapter) "is IEC60601-1-3rd certified power supply (Adapter).

What is "IEC60601" ?

IEC 60601 is a series of technical standards, in order to guarantee safety and essential performance of medical electronic equipment requirements. And to ensure that in any single fault condition, electronic, mechanical or functional, the patient and the operator can not afford not constitute a risk. The public health sector in many countries, as the IEC 60601-1: 2005 Medical electrical equipment as a prerequisite for commercialization.
IEC 60601-1: 2005 and A1 version IEC 60601-1: 2005 + A1: 2012 has gained more and more widely accepted in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Brazil and Russia, some of the major importers of medical equipment to enforce the third edition, because these countries be regarded as today's most advanced technology. To avoid being denied access to these and other markets, manufacturers should ensure that their products meet the standards of the second and third editions.


Our Company's adapters meet IEC60601-1-3rd standard, please contact us.