Acceptance Mark
CE certification must comply with the EMC / LVD
  CE is the French "Confomite Europeene" abbreviation, CE mark is the EU member states shared     equipment and product quality and safety signs.
  At present, the EU issued a dozen instruction (Directive), covering
    Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC 2004/108/EC)
    Radio and Telecommunications Terminal(R&TTE1999/5/EC)
    Low Voltage(LVD 2006/95/EC)
    Medical Equipment(MDD93/42/EEC,AIMDD90/385/EEC)
    Pressure Vessels(87/404/EEC)
  Access to the EU market of products and equipment, according to their type and scope, must be in full compliance with all of the different CE directives of the products and equipment involved, in order to mark the CE mark on the product, exports to the EU market.
  For electronics, electrical products include: home appliances, lighting, audio video (AV) products, IT products, electronic measuring instruments, power tools, etc., for access to the EU market must comply with EU directives include
EMC/Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
EMC/Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive Referred to  EMC Directive)2004/108 / EC Directive main measure product performance and immunity to electromagnetic interference terms. For different products, according to different standards for testing
(1). Electromagnetic interference aspects include Common Criteria/EN61000-6-3   Industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency equipment/EN55011
  AV Product/EN55013
Household appliances and power tools/EN55014
Electrical lighting equipment/EN55015
IT Product/EN55022
  AC harmonics Voltage flicker EN61000-3-X, etc.
(2).Electromagnetic immunity aspects include
Common Criteria/EN61000-6-1
  Household appliances and power tools/EN55014-2
Electrical lighting equipment/EN61547
  AV Product/EN55020
As well as other basic standardsEN61000-4-X/XX etc.
LVD Low Voltage Directive

LVD/Low Voltage Directive (Low Voltage Directive Referred to LVD)2006/95 / EC Directive related to product safety performance test conducted
LVD directive major test the safety performance of the product, including product labeling, creepage and clearance distance, anti-shock protection, high pressure, temperature & humidity, fire retardant, structural strength. For different products according to different standard tests. Commonly used
    Appliances/EN60335 Series of standards
    Power Transformer/EN61558 Series of standards
       IT Product/EN60950
    Lamps/EN60598Series of standards
    AVProduct/EN60065Series of standards
    Electronic Measuring Instruments/EN61010Series of standards
    According to standards, all products operating voltage AC 50V-1000V, or DC 75V-1500V, it needs to be CE / LVD test