Acceptance Mark
20130923 Safety Information
Germany notified plug GS certified product (eg wall plug power supply) to be based on tests

EK1 Directive 557-13

Class II direct wall plug power supply (with Europe plug connector must perform tests to EN 50075)

regardless of
application TUV / Rh, TUV / SUD or units issued by Nemko GS certification verification,

the plug must comply with the EK1 Directive 557-13 provisions of the directive detailed test

requirements are as follows

Class II direct wall plug power supply must perform DIN VDE 0620-2-1:2013 Item 24.2 of

turning drum test, the following table under an auspicious. After testing, the plug part

shall comply with
DIN VDE 0620-101:1992 Project 7 Figure 2 "gauge for interchangeability"

, ie when the plug into a standard outlet gauges, do not need to use extra force

to insert
, so that the plug to come into contact with the end surface of the surface of the

standard socket

Table I: DIN VDE 0620-2-1:2013, sub-clause 24.2 drum test requirements are as follows

             Direct Plug-In Power Adapter Weight      /   
Drum test times

Weight ≤ 100 g

1,000 times

100 g < Weight ≤ 200 g

500 times

Weight > 200 g

100 times

This command will affect Class II direct wall plug power supply of the following certification

, and according to the provisions of ZLS in August 16, 2013 onwards enforced:

* All GS-mark new applications for accreditation

* GS-mark certificate "extended" (including standard update, five-year extension of the certificate expires, etc. ...)

* GS-mark modifications and additional certification application, the design changes will be required to

to the plug portion of the test