Acceptance Mark
What is E-MARK certification?
E / eMark detection is the European Common Market, on the steam locomotive spare parts

and security
products, noise and emissions, are required to act in accordance with the EU

EEC Directives and the Economic Commission for Europe Regulation ECE Regulation

requirements through product meets testing requirements, namely to grant a certificate

to ensure
traffic safety and environmental protection requirements.

E-Mark detection by testing different country, the number granted is different, for example,

apply to Luxembourg, the E-Mark logo E13/e13.

Applicable product range

Vehicle - that is two or three or more moving motor vehicles, such as passenger cars,

, motorcycles, buses and road vehicles outside the steam locomotive components

- lights and bulbs, a variety of mirrors, tires, wheels, brakes, horn, anti-theft devices, seat

automotive glass and exhaust pipe.

Steam locomotive spare parts - helmets, child safety seats, car electrical products


Since October 2002, to require all vehicles, vehicle parts, and electronic products for

the car
must be enforced EMC testing.

electronic components sold in Europe must comply with the EMC Directive unified

the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC the self-declaration is no longer valid. Vehicles

authorized by the EU institutions issued a notice products E / e Mark certification. In other

, vehicle electronics and electronic components for the original CE (EMC) testing from

October 2002
onwards no longer valid. European countries must re-apply for Department of

Transportation issued
E / e Mark certificate for their sales in the European market.