Acceptance Mark
class2 power supply adapter
UL60950-1 (general safety requirement information technology equipment) in accordance with the degree of shock hazard protection measures into electronic equipment CLASS 1, CLASS 2 and CLASS 3 categories. CLASS Class 1 device means in addition to the basic insulation of electric shock protection measures, but also by other protective measures such as grounding, etc.; class CLASS 2 equipment refers not only rely on basic insulation, has also taken a double insulation or reinforced insulation for the electric shock protection, insulation protective effect does not depend on the protective earthing or installation conditions; CLASS class 3 equipment refers to the use of extra-low safety voltage (SELV) mode power supply voltage is generated and there is no danger. In the UL8750 and UL1310 standards involved CLASS 2 CLASS 2 power supply are to meet in anti-shock device's security regulations UL60950.

Canadian Electrical Code for the circuit can withstand voltage, current, and energy has a special definition, generally classified into circuit CLASS 1, CLASS 2, while the U.S. electrical regulations are classified into CLASS 1, CLASS 2 and CLASS 3.

CLASS 1, CLASS 2, CLASS 3 is defined as follows:
Voltage, Current & Power available in Circuit.
CEC (Canadian Electrical Code): Class 1 and Class 2
NEC (National Electrical Code): Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3
Class 2 and 3: low energy handling capabilities
Open Circuit voltage <= 150 V, current and power are limited
Class 1: not qualify as class 2 or 3
Operate at 600 V or less, up to 1000 VA

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