Acceptance Mark
car charger E-Mark test standard
 e-MARK Test
   From October 2002, according to EU Directive 72/245 / EEC, and amendments to Directive 95/54 / EC requirements, all access to the EU market sales of automotive electrical and electronic products must pass the relevant test e-Mark certification, labeling e signs EU customs clearance will be allowed to enter the local market, so the car's electrical and electronic products e-Mark certification, is imperative.
e-mark Mark
Flag divided in two forms, one is a rectangular frame, one is a circular frame, representing different meanings:
Rectangular frame means the vehicle is stopped and the exercise of state, can be used instead of the normal use of the product, such as:
Car charger, car lamps / torches, car air pump, car massage / heat cushion, car fan, car kettles, car refrigerator, car coffee pot, car TV / stereo, electric car jack, car cleaners, car power tools, etc.
Circular frame means the vehicle is stopped and the exercise of state, you must use products, such as:
Windshield, seat belts, headlights and so on.
Digital outer box 1,2, ..., 13 ..., issued on behalf of the e-Mark certificate code various EU member countries. For example: 1 for Germany, 4 for the Netherlands, Luxembourg 13 representatives, 24 representatives of Ireland, and so on, that e-Mark certification by the Ministry of the code shown in the country issued.