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What is FCC certification?
FCC (Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. Federal Communications

Commission ) established in 1934 by COMMUNICATIONACT is an independent U.S.

government agency , directly responsible to Congress .
FCC control of radio, television ,

telecommunications, satellite and cable to coordinate domestic and international

Involving the United States more than 50 states, Colombia and the

United States respective districts, to ensure life and property of the radio and wire

communications product safety , FCC 's engineering department (Office of Engineering

and Technology) is responsible for the Commission's technical support, and is

responsible for equipment
accreditation matters. Many wireless applications ,

communications products and digital products to enter the U.S. market, require FCC

FCC Commission to investigate and study the various stages of product

safety to find the best way to solve the problem , but FCC also include radios ,

aircraft detection.

According to the relevant parts of the United States Federal Communications Regulations

(CFR 47 part ) stipulates that where electronic products into the United States needs to

be EMC certification ( some of the relevant provisions of the special provisions of the

products ) , one of the more common authentication method , there are three :

DoC, Verification. These three product certification methods and procedures

are quite different , different products can choose the authentication method in the FCC

with the relevant requirements.
Decreasing its certification rigor .

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ---- managed import and use of radio

devices, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio reception

and transmission
equipment, radio controlled toys, telephones, personal computers and

products that may harm personal safety. If you want to export these products to

the United States
, must be authorized by the government of the laboratory according to

FCCtechnical standards
for testing and approval. Importers and customs agents to

declare each radio
frequency device complies with FCC standards, the FCC license.

For the FCC certification, different products have different each of the three

modes, namely: Verification, Declaration of Conformity (DoC), Certification.

erification is the manufacturers are free to take certain steps to ensure that products

appropriate technical standards process.

Declaration of Conformity by the responsible party to take certain steps to ensure that

products meet
appropriate technical standards process.

FCC Certification is based on test data and signed application and device approval process.