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20130506 Safety Information
In mid-April 2013, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a new U.S. Federal Register

, issued in March 2012 related to the external power supply (EPS) and battery charger (BC)

proposed rulemaking pre-notice "(NOPR). Although many stakeholders've always wanted to make

a final
decision, but the DOE has recently issued a notice is a letter of inquiry (RFI) on the proposed

level of efficiency

RFI because the California Energy Commission (CEC) has adopted the state's own battery charger

efficiency standards
, and the standard was to take effect in February this year. Therefore, DOE

would now manufacturers to consult the information it has obtained the California Standards certified

battery charger
and test data to determine the need to amend the technical analysis. If DOE found not

take into account
any new information in March 2012 NOPR, it may decide to amend the technical

to determine whether you need to present alternative energy efficiency standards. Then,

may issue an addendum to the proposed rules of the development of pre-notification (NOPR),

to enable stakeholders to
have the opportunity to comment.

The DOE seek information and review some of these issues include:

used by the manufacturer to meet CEC standard product design and technology.

• Manufacturer product costs to meet the new standards (if any), including engineering, design


unable to meet the new standards no longer any of the products sold in California