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Power adapter POPs instruction (POPs) Update SCCP requirements

Power adapter POPs instruction (POPs) Update SCCP requirements


The EU announced POP updated regulations (EU) on November 13 2015 2015/2030, persistent organic pollutants by prohibiting legislation aimed at phasing out, to restrict the production or marketing Sold containing such organic pollutants, to protect human with the environment from subject to damage.
Update legislation to redefine the appendix a short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP) requirements. Updates are as follows:
Renewal and xenophobic content:
1. In marketing, the substance or preparation used, its content should be less than 0.1% SCCP (wt%) or finished in the concentration should not exceed 0.15% (by weight).
2. Meet the following conditions may continue to use:
    (a)December 4, 2015 for the mining industry conveyor belt and dam sealants.
    (b)In addition to these products, used in the finished July 10, 2012.

Short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP) are available in leather processing, can also be used as plasticizers, flame retardant plastic rubber, paint, adhesives, including plastic mats, carpet backing, wire and cable coatings.

Effective Date:
December 4, 2015