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20130708 Safety Information
Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations formulation and revision has been by the Ministry of Natural

Resources Canada
Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) complete, and then in the "Canada Gazette"

Back in 2009 the Ministry of Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency has

released several electronic products, energy efficiency regulations. Currently, the Canadian energy

efficiency requirements for
electronic product catalog as follows:

compact audio products

  2. digital TV adapter

  3. external power supply

  4. TV

  5. Video Products

Given space reasons, we do not for each category of electronic products for Canadian energy

efficiency requirements
elaborate, here we introduce a compact audio products, namely compact

speaker relevant energy efficiency requirements.

Compact audio product testing standards for energy efficiency in Canada is CSA C62301-07,

the standard is developed by the OEE, which is largely based on IEC62301-2005 to develop, so the

basic test
is consistent with the IEC62301-2005. In accordance with the OEE Energy Efficiency Plan,

compact audio product energy efficiency regulations will be performed in two stages: the first stage is

the May 1, 2011 after the production of products, the second stage is for the January 1, 2013 after

production of the product . Each stage of the corresponding energy efficiency requirements are

as follows