Acceptance Mark
What is GS certification?
GS is the meaning of German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (security certified), there are

"Germany Safety" (German security) mean. GS certification to the German Product

Safety Act
(SGS) as the basis, in accordance with the European harmonized standards

or the German
industrial standard DIN EN testing of a voluntary certification is recognized

in Europe
German safety certification mark.

GS certification mark indicates that the product has passed the safe use of the credibility

an independent agency of the test. GS certification mark, although not legally required,

but it does
in the product malfunctioning caused by accident, so that manufacturers are

subject to strict
German (European) product safety laws. So GS certification mark is a

powerful marketing
tool that can enhance customer confidence and desire to buy.

Although the
GS is a German standard, but most countries in Europe agree. And at the

same time
meet the GS certification, the product will meet the requirements of the EC

CE mark
. Not the same and CE, GS certification mark does not legally required, but

because of
security awareness has penetrated ordinary consumers, an electrical GS

mark may be more general in the market more competitive products.

You can apply for GS certified products:

Household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen

and so on.

Household machinery.

Sports goods.

Home electronics devices, such as audio-visual equipment.

Electrical and electronic office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, shredders,

computers, printers
and so on.

Industrial machinery, laboratory measuring equipment. Other security-related products

such as bicycles
, helmets, ladders, furniture and so on.

GS certification mark

GS Mark certification can be issued: TUVRH, TUV-SUD, VDE, NEMKO, UL-DEMKO