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Adapter DOE certification and CEC certification and Energy Star certified distinction
DOE certification and CEC certification and Energy Star certification of distinction: US ENERGY STAR (Energy Star certified laboratory must be authorized by EPA to do the same, CEC CEC also must be authorized laboratory testing as a method of both. If the test can live Energy star (Energy Star certified) can certainly too CEC certification; generally have qualified for Energy star (Energy Star certified) laboratories can do CEC (CEC because they will apply for authorization to test), But do CEC accredited testing laboratory do not necessarily Energy star (Energy Star certified) report still need two, unless the name of the two standards in the same report. DOE certification and CEC certification also Like, DOE certification required to submit product information, but also need to submit all relevant information to the online registration DOE external power supply (EPS) new energy efficiency requirements: February 10, 2014, the US Department of Energy (DOE) issued a external power supply (EPS) Final Act of the new energy-efficiency requirements. The new External Power Supply Efficiency Act will apply to all the direct use of an external power supply type, including class A external power in 2007 enacted the new issued by the external power supply Energy Efficiency Act to expand the range of products, such as multi-voltage output type external power supply, the output power is greater than 250W external power supply are within the range of product requirements. EPS new energy efficiency requirements promulgated the new name for the direct use of energy efficiency standards for external power supply type (Direct Operation External Power Supply Efficiency Standards). The bill will come into force after it has been entered in the Federal Register two years.