Acceptance Mark
Australia / New Zealand to implement the provisions of the new RCM Flag

RCM logo will replace the C-Tick mark, becoming the manufacturers to prove compliance with EMC, radio, and electrical safety regulations.

Since March 1, 2013 until March 1, 2016, Australian Communications and Media Authority (Australian Communications And Media Authority, ACMA), and New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management Group (Radio Spectrum Management, RSM), will eliminate the existing the C-Tick and a-Tick marks, and most of the electrical management units will also phase out the current electrical safety approved (electrical safety Approval) are numbered, use RCM mark.

In addition, the "supplier responsibility" (local agents) must undergo an annual national database complete online registration, and the second stage (medium security risks within a predetermined range ) and tertiary (high security risk) of electrical equipment, such as the area has been used to sell "electrical equipment safety system" (electrical equipment safety Scheme, EESS) in Australia or New Zealand, you must complete the online registration.

Important dates

  • March 1, 2013
    New suppliers into the market must be used RCM mark without C-Tick or A-Tick marks, and be registered in the national database.
  • September 1, 2013
    All the provisions of the sales of electrical equipment within the scope of responsibility of local suppliers are required to register in the National Library in the EESS jurisdictions. Within a predetermined range of the second and third stages of electrical equipment reference model, also need to log on to the national database. The first stage of electrical equipment within a predetermined range needs documented.
  • March 1, 2016
    All electrical equipment within a predetermined range, such as EESS sales area, or on the basis of need ACMA (or RSM) label advertisement and labeling, the need to RCM logo mark is no longer used electrical safety approved number, C-Tick or A -Tick.
    Suppliers are required to register all responsibility in national databases.

NoteACMA supplier responsibility requirements must first register at the National Library, with new equipment to replace the C-Tick mark RCM or A-Tick mark.


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