Acceptance Mark
20130624 Safety Information
April 10, 2012, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) announcement, audio and video equipment

mandatory certification
according to the standard GB 8898-2011 "Audio, video and similar electronic

apparatus - Safety requirements
" will be held November 1, 2012 onwards and alternative version of the

GB 8898-2001.

Based "on the revision of compulsory product certification standards related issues notice" (State

ICSU [2005] on the 18th), "on the basis of compulsory product certification with the relevant

requirements of
the standard revision announcement" (CNCA 2012 4) the relevant provisions of the

implementation of the new compulsory product certification standards GB 8898-2011 the relevant

are as follows:

First, since the date of the new standard until October 31, 2012, the applicant or in accordance with

the new standard version of the standard application for certification; since November 1, 2012 onwards,

will adopt the new standard for certification and issue a new standard certification certificates

will not be accepted version of the standard's application.

Second, the version of the standard has been certified for the product, version of the standard certificate

at the date of this announcement, submit a conversion application for the new standard certificate

when required
sample delivery for type testing, and completed in accordance with the new standard

Enterprises should the standard implementation date after the first follow-up examination

certificate before the end of conversion, fails to complete the suspended version of the standard

All older standard certificate at the latest transformation November 1, 2013 to complete

complete the certificate of conversion work, suspension version of the standard certification;

February 1, 2014 Certificate of conversion work not yet completed, the revocation version of the


Three, for the November 1, 2012 has been manufactured, placed on the market and is no longer

certified products
, without the need for certificate conversion.