Acceptance Mark
20140205 Safety Information
Information products apply UL60950-1, using UL 507 (ZPWV2) recognized DC fan is not

used in the primary circuit

For UL507 (UL CCN: ZPWV2) recognized DC fan following Fig 1, according to UL507

certification requirements
below apply only to such DC fan inside the isolated secondary

voltage circuits (. Follows ILL 1 DC OUTPUT line), the original requirements are as follows :

2.2.15 LOW VOLTAGE COMPONENT FAN – A component fan intended to be used in isolated

secondary circuits and rated a maximum of 30 V rms (42.2 V peak) or 60 V dc.

To such a fan if the product will be designed for use in the primary side (Primary circuit

or transformer-isolated front line) when the non-low-voltage circuit, the test can be

in accordance with the non-certified product with the fan mode.

To the power supply (Switching Power Supply) as an example:

DC Fan is directly connected to the primary side of the step-down voltage, and then lock

EARTHED steel, and the bit at the primary side needs to assess the following:

FAN plastic V2 flammability rating to more than.

2. I
nsulation & insulated from the least to meet the BASIC insulation requirements
lock attached EARTHED steel).

The need for the VW-1 wire.

Part abnormal test to consider.

UL60950-1, ANNEX B asked to consider the assessment provisions.