Acceptance Mark
switching adapters meet SABS standard
Certification Body
No Logo
No Logo
Property Mandatory Mandatory
Type Safety Approval EMC Approval
Factory Inspection No No
Controlled Products Household and similar products;
Information technology products;
Electronic entertainment equipment;
Hand-held electric tools;
Wire and cable.
Basic Application Document Complete CB Report
Local Rep Info
Complete CB Report
Local Testing No No
Local Representative Yes No
Certificate Validity 3 Years 3 Years
Voltage 220/ 230Vac
Frequency 50Hz
Plug South African Standard SABS 164-1


SABS is a mandatory product certification in South Africa.  Products in the controlled list should show SABS Certificate when being exported to South Africa.
There are approx.70 mandatory standards in South Africa mainly related to electrical and electronic equipment and components, motor vehicles and their spare parts and food.  Product certification in regards electrical and electronic products are mainly divided into two, Safety and EMC certification.  Importer or manufacturer should obtain Letter of Authority (LOA) and Certificate of Conformity (CoC) before putting Electrical and Electronic Equipment and its main component into Mexican market.

Five Mandatory Controlled Products:

  1. Household and similar products;
  2. Information technology products;
  3. Electronic entertainment equipment;
  4. Hand-held electric tools;
  5. Wire and cable.

Unlike most national certification mark, only certificates for customs clearance purpose are provided to NRCS LOA & SABS CoC applicants. No logo is provided for labeling on certified products.  Manufacturers that requires product labeling for the purpose to enhance product competitiveness and gain customer confidence can apply for SABS Mark Certification。

SABS Mark Certification is a Mexican voluntary certification.  The logo to be labeled should be in consistent with the logo in the certificate.  The type of logo differs in accordance to the type of product applied.  . 

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