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What is UL certification?
English is Underwriters Laboratories UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) Shorthand. UL safety

test of America's
most authoritative, but also engage in safety testing and identification of

large private institutions
. It is an independent, non-profit, do testing for public safety

professional organizations
. It uses scientific testing methods to study identified a variety

of materials
, devices, products, equipment, construction of life, property damage and

the extent of harm; determined to write, issue the appropriate standards and help

and prevent life loss of property information, while carrying out the facts research

In short, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and safety certificate

to operate
the business, with the ultimate aim is to market a considerable level of product

for human health and property is guaranteed to contribute. Product safety

certification as to eliminate
technical barriers to international trade an effective means, UL,

promote the development of international trade also played an active role.

UL was founded in 1894, the initial phase of UL Fire Lord in the insurance sector by

funds to maintain the action until 1916, UL was completely self-sustaining.

After nearly a
century of development, UL has become a world-known certification body,

its own set of strict management system of the organization, standards development and

certification procedures. UL by a security experts, government officials, consumers,

, utilities, insurance and standards department council composed of

representatives of
management and daily work by the president, vice president handling.

, UL has five laboratories in the United States, headquartered in Northbrook town

north of
Chicago, while Taiwan and Hong Kong were set up appropriate laboratory.