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Croatian import European CE Declaration of Conformity Certification System

Since March 1, 2012, where the product complies with the EU directive requires radio and telecommunications terminal equipment (R & TTE), have direct selling market in Croatia Westerly, without any other further type certification.

The new radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment regulations (Gazette No. 25/12) changing the certification system implementation of such products, but also to make it more convenient for the import of the Croatian market and sell. From now on, the import of such products no longer need to obtain Croatian Post Telecommunications (HAKOM) type certification, less the cost of these barriers and their associated costs, the market for that type of product and the country's economy as a whole will have positive benefits.

The new regulations are being developed by the Croatian Maritime, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry and conformity assessment based on product specification Act (Gazette No. 20/10), which is in line with the European Parliament and the European Council in March 9, 1999 announced the 1999/5 / EC Directive, namely radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of the relevant provisions of Directive compliance.

Changes in laws and regulations no longer makes HAKOM radio and telecommunications terminal equipment conformity assessment, so it will no longer be imported or sold in the market for such products issued by recognized books, but still market supervision, the work will be made HAKOM approved electronic communications inspectors to perform. With the 1999/5 / EC Directive and the relevant provisions of conformity assessment technical specifications, the new regulations can be said that the removal of the associated stringent protection measures and audits.

With the new regulations take effect simultaneously with the Export and Import Permits Act goods (Gazette No. 25/12) modification, radio and telecommunications terminal equipment when sold to the European Community, shall also be exempt from the requirement to obtain an import license.

In addition, HAKOM issued the certificate is still valid and can be used as market supervision and inspection of compliance files without the need of a separate technical documents and then prepare other archives.

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