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Power Adapter / information and communications products
Power Adapter / information and communications products
Information and communications products, product range includes:
  • May be connected to the computer peripheral electronic products such as: keyboard, mouse, scanners, printers, displays, monitors, projectors, optical drives, digital cameras, mobile phones, plasma TV, multimedia speakers.
  • Computer such as: desktop computers, notebook computers and pocket computers.
  • It can be connected to a telephone / communication network of electrical products such as: telephone, hubs, modems, routers, phone switches.
  • Office electrical products such as: fax machines, shredders, printer, copier, computer and Wi-Fi, and other products.
Above common information and communications products applicable standards IEC / EN 60950 and ANSI / UL 60950.

Safety Standard Introduction:
ANSI / UL: American Standard, for use in the United States certification, all NRTL have adopted ANSI / UL standard.
CSA: Canadian Standards. Certification for use in Canada, SCC accredited laboratories have adopted CSA standards.
EN: European standards. Applies to all EU / EEA / CENELEC countries, (CE, SEMKO, VDE, TUV) CE Marking adoption of the standard.
IEC: International standards. Basic standards of international developed for use by countries around the world, UL, CSA also ordinary mining
IEC used as the basic new standards.

Our company's products comply with by IEC / EN 60950 and ANSI / UL 60950 standard.
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