Acceptance Mark
UL first Release UL 2056 safety standard terminal products for mobile power supply(USB power supply adapter)

More than 120 years of experience in product safety testing and certification global leader in UL, today at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, the announced safety standards for mobile power supply terminal products UL 2056. UL 2056 is designed to respond to the need for global action power safety standards, consumers avoid damage to person and property, and also enables manufacturers to reduce the affordability of costly product recall and brand damage risks.

UL 2056 requirements range covers mobile power supply terminals, also known as portable USB charger or portable backup battery power for the external action of the low-voltage power supply equipment and electronic products. This standard applies to the maximum DC power input and output rates are 60Vdc products. Test items include UL 2054 related electrical and mechanical tests, marked input current and power capacity testing (verification testing), an output port and a power overload test integrated PV cell flammability test (if applicable) and the like.

To show Kun, general manager of UL Greater China Electronics Technology Industry said: "The manufacturers can take advantage of this new standard introduced a new, their actions prove power products have passed UL's rigorous testing requirements, end users feel at ease using eligible have trusted. the UL mark product, which represents a sample of their products through UL series of in-depth assessment of professional engineers, can give consumers confidence. "


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