Acceptance Mark
Our Company's switching adapters meet SII standard
Referred SII Israel Standards Institute, the full name is: The standards lnstitution of lsrael, all exports to Israel electronics, electrical products must obtain verification of import certificates SII (SII Mark logo approval with non-mandatory, because SII mark approval involves initial factory inspection and annual inspections each year, so very few customers are willing to apply for this validation with SII mark, and the choice is relatively simple cheap import certificates Israel also IEECEE-CB States, so they recognize and accept its IECEE-CB CB test report issued by the Member States

Certification Body The Standards lnstitution of lsrael
Logo N/A
Import Certificate
Property Mandatory Voluntary
Type Safety + EMC Approval Safety + EMC Approval
Factory Inspection No Yes, Initial Factory Inspection and Annual Follow-up inspections
Controlled Products
  1. IEC60065
  2. IEC60950
  3. IEC60601
  4. IEC61010-1
  1. IEC60065
  2. IEC60950
  3. IEC60601
  4. IEC61010-1
Basic Application Document
  1. Application Form( filled by Cerpass)
  2. CB Test Report & Certificate
  3. Label(Hebrew)
  4. Packing Label(Hebrew)
  5. User's Manual(Hebrew)
  1. Manufacturer General info
  2. Illustration that product complies with norm/standard.
  3. Production Equipment Illustration
  4. Calibration Equipment Illustration
  5. Quality control measures
  6. If the product is not fully manufactured at applicant's factory, further clarification is required.
Local Test Yes Yes
Local Representative No Yes
Certificate Validity 4 Years Permanent
Voltage 220Vac
Frequency 50Hz
Plug EN50075