Acceptance Mark
20131203 Safety Information
July 2013 , the German Federal Security Center institutions (ZLS) passed EK1 557-13

states: When Class II direct wall plug power supply ( with continental European plug

plugs required to perform EN 50075 test ) application GS Authentication Service

should comply EK1 557-13 documents.
Specific testing requirements are as follows :

Class II direct wall plug power supplies required to perform the test DIN VDE 0620-2-1:2013

turn the drum section 24.2 of .
After the test , plug part to comply with " interchangeable

gauge " 1 (gauge for interchangeability) requirements DIN VDE 0620-101:1992 Section

7 figure .
When the plug is inserted into a standard wall outlet gauges , without using

additional force to insert , the end surface of the plug so that the surface can be exposed

to a standard socket gauges .

This requirement will affect Class II direct wall plug power supply following verification

services to enforce the new requirements in effect October 10, 2013 :

All applications for new GS certification mark.

GS Mark Certificate expansion applications, including standard update , five-year

     extension of the certificate expires , etc.

GS mark certification product modifications and additional applications,

     the design changes are part of the implementation of the test plug.