Acceptance Mark
KC Mark certification introduction / KC switching adapter
Korea EK mandatory certification , mainly in 50-1000V electrical products for the power

supply voltage , requiring compliance with safety regulations in Korea .
Where the inclusion

of mandatory safety certification directory , did not get to specify the security certificate

Korean certification bodies, without the required safety certification mark , are not allowed to

export to South Korea.

Fall within the scope of certification products include: power cord, power switch , AC power

or power capacitors , electrical equipment components and connection accessories ,

electrical protection components , insulation transformer , household appliances ,

power tools, audio-visual equipment , IT and office equipment, lighting equipment

Korean safety standards are based on IEC standards, and IEC standards have fewer

South Korea's electrical products CISPR EMI requirements equivalent to

the standard , EMS requirements equivalent to the EN standard .
South Korean Ministry

of Knowledge Economy announced that the National Standards Committee will be closed

from July 2009 to December 2010 plan to the 13 existing national certification mark unified

KC flag as a national standard certification mark.

South Korea began a new KC certification system in 2009/01/01 , the products are divided

into two categories, one for the safety verification ( similar to the previous eK certification )

required factory inspection , no certificate deadline.
The other is self-declared , no factory

inspection certificate valid for five years.

Its main effect is the audio and video products, information products are classified as part

of the self- declaration.
Application has been made eK mark and some audio-visual class

information products, will automatically convert units in Korea issuing system, and the

certificate valid until 2013/12/31 , but the nameplate of eK logo can only continue to be

used until 2011 /
06 /30.

KCC logo / KC switching adapter

Former head of the Ministry of Information and Communications Electromagnetic

compatibility and communication recognized businesses (MIC, Ministry of Information

and Communication) renamed the Korea Communications Commission (KCC, Korea

Communications Commission).
Since November 1, 2008 , all certified by KCC equipment ,

will force the use of the new logo, but a certified product in the November 1 MIC can continue

to use the old logo .
Its Informatics and Communications Equipment Certification standards

are based mainly on Article 33 and Article radio wave Act 464,47 telecommunications Basic