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Adapter GOST R certification will be replaced by low-voltage decree Russia

GOST R certification will be replaced by low-voltage decree Russia

September 06, 2010

Russian GOST R certification will be implemented this year on December 31 the new system, a new system similar to the European Low Voltage Directive, regulated products are mainly for: DC 50-1500V and AC 50-1000V (up to 1000Hz) power supply products.


This new system will be regulated products divided into four types of dangerous levels, from low to high risk, as follows:

1. Not classified: Non following three categories of other products (voltage is within the control range).
2. Hazard Level I (low risk): batteries and battery batteries, lamp bulbs (including LED lamps).
3. Hazard Class II (medium hazard): Power Supply (power supply, adapter, UPS, etc.), information products, audio-visual products, part of the power cord and plugs.
4. The third danger level (high risk): battery charger, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

The new regulations will declare certification program is divided into (Declaration) and certification (Certification) are two, according to the manufacturers held product testing report and the amount of factory quality system documentation, select the appropriate declaration or authentication.

1. The declaration (Declaration): divided into four kinds declare modes need to be declared by the Russian local companies, according to vendors held product testing report and factory quality system documentation amount, select the appropriate declaration mode, the different modes of declaration limitation period is also different, a minimum of six months, valid for up to five years (if the manufacturer of the second category of products such as non-factory quality management document, declaring only mode with a second, valid only nine months) .

2. Certification (Certification): divided into three kinds of authentication mode, you need to file and declare much the same way, but each year need to confirm product quality sampling tests by sample or factory inspection and other procedures, the manufacturer according to product life cycle, to decide whether to year carry out sampling tests and factory inspection, sampling tests if each year in accordance with the provisions of, or audits, the certificate is valid for up to five years.

The new specification will mark made changes to the code will not need labeling certification unit, in addition to proper certification mark on the product in addition to the product's instructions for use should also have a certification mark, get GOST R certification in December 31, 2010 ProductsYou can continue to use the old logo until the expiry date so far.

The new certification mark is as follows:


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