Acceptance Mark
Power Adapter exports to Brazil Must comply with INMETRO
Power Adapter exports to Brazil Must comply with INMETRO.
TheNationalInstituteofMetrology, StandardizationandIndustrialQuality (INMETRO) is

Brazil's national accreditation bodies (AccreditationBody), responsible for the

of national standards.

Brazilian products are subject to Brazilian standards established by INMETRO, but also

must be accompanied by mandatory INMETRO mark and logo certification and accreditation

agencies such as UL-BR flag.

INMETRO signs can be divided into two types of mandatory and voluntary.

Compulsory :

Medical Devices

Circuit separator

For high-risk to electrical equipment

Gas system equipment (the pressure regulator and hose)

Switches, plugs, sockets


Wire and Cable


Voluntary category :

Household appliances

IT equipment

Consumer Electronics


Most standard documents and related communications use the Portuguese in Brazil,

Brazilian service staff will assist you to break language barriers accelerate the

application process

Communications equipment into Brazil :The official Brazilian telecommunications

certification body AssociacaoNCCCertificacoesdoBrasil (NCC-OCD) signed a

Memorandum of
Agreement with UL, UL approved in accordance with national safety

standards and
EMC test requirements of telecommunications products, awarded

OCD certification.
NCC-OCD so by the Brazilian National Communications Agency

(ANATEL) for the communications products accredited certification bodies.