Acceptance Mark
20130520 Safety Information
Recently, Canada IC SAR testing for certification of the new requirements, certification testing

must submit an audit in the future in accordance with the following requirements

test and improve the report:

Must test each band of high, medium, low channel liquid parameters are listed to the parameters

of the liquid used in the calibration of the system also requires a detailed list, these values ​​are

consistent with the original data and the test report. Specific norms RSS 102, Issue 4 Annex E.

SAR evaluation method must be consistent with IEC 62209-2 and IEEE 1528. Two international

for the actual testing and certification is not refined enough, as the above cited, the IC

Tests for SAR can be based on recognized FCC KDB test guidance document. Note

IEC 62209-2 equipment near the regulatory requirements, and this corresponds to the use

human body parts; IEEE 1528 is close to the head part. When a device needs to test both the

head and
body parts, the SAR test report must contain two types of evaluation of uncertainty,

one is
based on IEEE 1528, and the other is based on the IEC 62209-2. IEC 62209-2

Evaluation of Uncertainty
new requirements need special attention.