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EU Plug Adapter Must comply ErP Test Standard.
ErP, Energy-related Products Directive is the EU's Energy-related Products Certification.

Energy-related Products Directive (ErP) Directive the European Commission and the Ministry

for sales in the EU exports to the requirements of EU products. Energy-related Products

is based on the 2005 Energy Using Products Directive (EuP Directive) improved.

Manufacturers must show positive interest in the re-design of their products in order to

reduce the impact of production on the environment. Manufacturers must also make the

labeling for the products, so that consumers can see the impact of the product.

European Council on October 21, 2009 released 2009/125/EC energy product eco-design

directive to replace the earlier version of 2005/32/EC, thus the product range of energy-using

(EUP: energy-using products ) extended to all energy-related products (ErP: energy-

related products).
The new version of the command (abbreviated ErP Directive) to on 20

November 2009
with effect. Almost no difference with the earlier edition content, revision is

mainly to
allow some of the provisions more clearly understood, 10 implementation measures

for the EU published nor influence.

ErP, Energy-related Products Directive EU Energy Related Products Certification -

Frequently Asked Questions Q & A

Q: ErP, Energy-related Products Certification is mandatory to apply?

A: All I want are sold in the EU market LED lighting products, with effect from

     1 September 2013 to enforce.

Q: Directive No 1194 and No 244 No 244 by the difference between the previously certified

     products, whether No 1194 No 874 need to do what is ..? ..?.?

A:. No 1194 compared to the No 244 new LED lighting products energy efficiency

for new 6000 hours long life lighting test. No. 874 primarily for energy

labeling guidelines explain how to make the product label.

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